Goals and Objectives

Reimagining IT will enable us to amplify the things we are good at, mitigate our weaknesses, and maximize our focus on supporting the teaching, research, and service missions of the University. Our goals include:

  • Strengthening local IT presence with increased focus on the unique needs of the colleges, campuses, research centers, and administrative units, and connecting those needs with access to services and solutions.
  • Propelling technology to be a differentiator for the University, moving Penn State to the forefront of higher education institutions.
  • Aligning financial and personnel resources in support of the University’s strategic mission of teaching and learning, research, and service to the commonwealth.
  • Simplifying the IT experience for clarity around how to make use of the rich IT resources at Penn State.
  • Creating an IT organization that is agile, responsive, and can move at the speed of innovation required by our students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders.
  • Reducing current IT spend by 10 percent, allowing the University to reinvest in more strategic activities.
  • Directly impacting the lives of our students by providing modern tools and technologies to support them in their academic careers and provide them the skills to differentiate them in future professional endeavors.
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