Organizational Design

To fulfill the University’s IT Mission to serve, empower and innovate, Penn State will realign its IT personnel and their responsibilities with a people-and-service-first philosophy, rather than a technology-driven approach. Similar to embracing personalized learning, Penn State IT will meet diverse and unique needs through the new team-of-teams organization. As an organization working together for the optimal outcomes of all faculty, staff, and students, we will function collectively as OneIT. IT needs to be agile and accommodating as Penn State changes and adapts for the students, faculty, researchers, and staff of the future. OneIT creates a resilient organization that enables and supports those changes.

The team of teams will be formed within four areas:

View the Penn State IT Organizational Charts.

Concept of Operations

Information Technology at Penn State is reimagining its place within the University as a forward-thinking service organization.

Moving Forward

The Plan for Reimagining IT is an ambitious vision for the future, but it is a vision that is within our power to make reality. Properly executed, and allowing for refinements over the course of the implementation phases, this plan lays the groundwork for a reinvigoration of information technology at Penn State. As OneIT, the talented and dedicated IT workforce will draw inspiration from our students, faculty, and staff, and deliver what they need when they need it in support of the University’s mission of teaching, research, and service. Technology will be the enabling force to propel Penn State forward to new levels of strategic success.

Each campus, college, and academic and administrative unit has unique needs. This plan will enable us to ensure that those unique needs are met in ways that are financially responsible, while allowing the University to pursue larger, more strategic goals. It is fundamentally important to understand that this plan will not reduce but will instead expand resources to support each unit.

The new organizational structure and operating model capitalize on the strengths of IT at Penn State, while mitigating our challenges and positioning IT for strategic innovation. This is a vision for Penn State IT. When we leverage our capabilities as an institution, we will unlock the tremendous unrealized potential of operating as OneIT.

We have laid out the plan for this bold vision. We are ready for the journey to make it happen.

Transition to Reimagined IT

Reimagining IT is about an optimization of resources, of which personnel are a major component. To handle the complexities of organizing more than 1,500 people from more than 80 units, along with a large portfolio of existing services, the Reimagining IT effort will be based on the principles displayed on the following page.

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